jeudi 5 janvier 2017

Jetpack game +Admob +IAP +Leaderboard +Achievement

Appseed Restaurant - Full Application with self hosted backend

samedi 22 octobre 2016

Motor Hero - UI Game Manager / AdMob / Google Play Leaderboard

his game was made with Unity 3D!
The game is a score based physics motorcycle game. The purpose of the game is jump trough grounds and reach the high score. When flip the motorcycle you get stars, After that you can unlock new motorcyles with this stars.
You can download game and try from here
Video is available here
This game is powered with UI Game Manager developed by Bilko Bilisim for easy configuration and customization your game.
  • Game Manager included,
  • AdMob integrated,
  • Google Play Leaderboard integrated,
  • Support different screen resolution,
  • Support Phone & Tablet,
  • Quality game sounds
  • Unity3D,
  • Android SDK
Documentation is available here

Jungle Adventures with AdMob and Leaderboard


    Shambler Monster has captured Aerith’s Prince. You have to help Aerith rescue the Prince. Dodge all the creatures sent by Shambler & teach Shambler a lesson. Get ultra latest POWER-HIT Jungle Adventures Run with power-ups & Amazing challenging Levels for Android now! Face the unknown dangers and fear is waiting you! ! ! Jungle Adventures – free game is a action packed game where you need to destroy enemies, cross different obstacles, overcome dangers while collecting as many coins & jewels as you can to score the highest.


    • AdMob Banner & Interstitial ads
    • Game servers leaderboard 
    • Share button
    • Shop screen, you can purchase coins from the list
    • Splash screen with loading processing text
    • Pause screen to restart,continue or go to game shop
    • Full step by step documentation for reskin

    How To:

    • Import Project into Eclipse.
    • Change Package ID, Version ID, App Name.
    • Setup new icons, launch screens, localization and meta-data for your app
    • Change ID for Ad Networks.
    • Update Review Us URL.
    • Configure Game Center.
    • Change Atlases file with new images
    • Export Project and upload to Play Store.



      • 1. Some graphic elements designed by szablonsklep
      • 2. Some graphic elements designed by pasilan

    fighter boy- Buildbox Game Template + Android Eclipse Project Template Included

    This game is made with buildbox and designed our own graphics in photoshop so you can easily reskin it.


    Download Demo apk




    • Buildbox Template Included
    • Easy to reskin using Buildbox.
    • Admob and chardtboost ad networks to monetize your game
    • Leaderboard – compete with world of gamers
    • Eclipse code – No need to change anything in java files
    • Cocos2d-x libraray – Light weight lib , support low end device too
    • Share and review us button


    See document inside for reskin details


    HD wallpaper app with Admob and Startapp

    Test our updated APK before purchase
    Golakar Exclusive HD wallpaper Template is an Android application & it’s an Eclipse project. This application lets you to create a HD image based wallpaper app. This app is a offline viewing for your android device. These kind of apps are very popular in the Android market and drive huge number of downloads. The application is packed with startapp & admob ads integrated by separated template to start making money right away.

    App Features:

    • 100% Offline version (No Need to maintain your app wallpaper by any online server)
    • Easy to customize
    • You can add unlimited images for your app.
    • Right & Left animated button to move next & previous wallpaper
    • Support android 3+ onward.
    • Optimized for the Mars version
    • Exclusive Splash screen.
    • Set as Wallpaper
    • Mail feedback from app user
    • Rate, share & more app
    • Fit to any device (Mobile & Tablet)
    • Startapp integrated with banner ads, interstitial & slider ads
    • ADMOB integrated with banner ads, interstitial ads
    • About (information) page by HTML template
    • Well Documentation with great customer support
    • Almost User friendly interface
    • & More…..

    If you want to integration with other ADS network, Please contact with us.

    We are currently working with bellow ADS networks:
    • AirPush
    • MobileCore
    • RevMob

    Update made for You :

    Version: 6.0 (Current Version)
    • Added Stylish Dashboard (like Windows8)
    • Well Organized App layout
    • Fixed some Issues
    • Change SplashScreen
    • Change App graphics
    • With more User Friendly
    • Startapp Updated SDK & Latest Admob Play service
    Version: 5.0
    • Added Stylish Dashboard
    • Well Organized App layout
    • With more User Friendly
    • Startapp Updated SDK
    Version: 4.0
    • Added latest Google Play service for the ADMOB
    • Well Organized App layout
    • Rate & share app
    • Mail feedback by app user
    Version: 3.5
    • Added Animated button
    • Remove slider page & added HTML page for about page
    Version: 3.0
    • Added ADMOB in this project by separate template
    Version: 2.0
    • Change startapp banner position from bottom to top
    • Change few graphics
    • Added about page at bottom by eye catching slider
    Version: 1.0
    Introducing our platform by this app

    Android Keyboard Themes

    Want beautiful themes for your android keyboard? The “Android Keyboard Theme”app has an awesome collection of Android Themes and allows custom backgrounds.
    Give a stunning look to your Android Keyboard with 22 beautiful themes!
    We are ready to present you a large collection of android keyboard themes. Download it and delight yourself with pretty themes which are specially designed by our designers to give the best look to your keyboard.
    The “Android Keyboard Theme” app provides flexibility to choose the keyboard theme from app’s built-in keyboard themes or you can create your custom theme by choosing your favorite image for background.
    You have to just enable the keyboard from the App. You can choose a picture from your gallery to set the background of the theme.

    Key Features :

    • 22 pretty keyboard themes
    • Can create a custom theme
    • Can choose image from the gallery for theme background
    • Does not require internet connection
    Download APK

    What you Get:

    • Full Android Source Code With Library (Eclipse Source Code)
    • Full Document with Screen Shot – It includes detail explanation about rebranding an app and adding new images/category.